KOM Crusade

A quest for the best cycling hills in Connecticut

Whitcomb Hill

Whitcomb Hill streetview

20% right out the gate, goddamn Whitcomb you mean business don’t you! International hill climb directory Pjamm calls it the second hardest climb in CT and this one guy from West Hartford can confirm it indeed a doozy. I clocked the first half mile at about 12% average. It’s a top shelf road thats windy and narrow and unlikely any cars except for local traffic would choose it. I’m not sure i’d want to descend it though, the pavement is choppy and at least in the winter there’s some loose gravel in places as well. But alas this blog is about climbing not descending so SAFA fans what are you even doing here?! Warren hill and Carter Rd are the other major ways to traverse this direction out of Kent. I haven’t got a chance to try them yet but I find it unlikely they will be able to outdo Whitcomb!