KOM Crusade

A quest for the best cycling hills in Connecticut

Kings Rd Climb

Kings Rd Climb

The name of the road is actually “Greenwoods Rd” though I can sympathize throwing King in the segment name since it sort of kinda ends in the vicinity of a Kings Rd. I’m a sucker for these quasi paved climbs, it’s always more fun to navigate the occasional rough patch while mashing out watts. Greenwoods road is mostly paved so if you are feeling lucky you could maybe run your Conti 5k’s, but something with a bit more puncture protection is probably in order. I would bet it’s not plowed in the winter so best to run it before snowfall.

The hill begins off of East River Rd, which is one of the more epic riverfront roads in CT. The climb winds and ascends at a steep pitch through a beautiful forest with very little traffic save the occasional hiker. Hills don’t get much better than this!